Surprising Facts about Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas Trees are 5 times more nature friendly than artificial ones!

  • Christmas  trees help the emvinorment by absorbing carbon dioxide and emmitting oxygen, helping delay the "greenhouse effect"

  • The Christmas trees provide habitats for wildlife

  • Real Trees are a renewable recyclable resource

  • When a real tree is cut down another gets planted

  • After Christmas a real tree makes great compost or mulch

  • Most towns have recycling banks where you can bring your tree

Real Christmas Trees do hold their Needles!

  • A Nordmann Fir will hold its needles well into the New Year

  • Even when the tree goes brown after months, the needles will still be in place

Real Christmas Trees have been with us for hundreds of years!

  • Real Christmas Trees have been used in celebrations for over 1200 years

  • Throughout the Middle Ages real trees were a symbol of life and hope

Real Christmas Trees drink a lot!

  • You must cut the base of the tree to let it drink water

  • It can drink up to five pints of water in 24 hours

  • Make sure your water holding stand is refilled daily

  • Excessive heat will dry out your tree

  • Treat your trees like fresh flowers

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